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Data Warehousing
Scalable Compute
Regulatory Compliance

Redefining and Optimizing Legacy Systems in the Bioinformatics Industry

Dayhoff Technologies is a SaaS platform operating at the intersection of bioinformatics and modernizing institutional applications.

Dayhoff Technologies leverages proprietary cloud computing and machine learning technology to provide sequence processing and reporting at unprecedented speeds and levels of critical detail.

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Bet Booth

Hardware Integration
Mobile Apps

Setting New Industry Standards in Facial Authentication and Biometrics Technology

Bet Booth Inc is a multi-axis technology provider comprising a robust hardware module and three companion software modules.

The “Booth” - a kiosk running a local .NET application - redefines the market with facial and biometric authentication protocols, featuring real-time API communication to track heartbeats and hardware components integration through highly customized drivers.

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iOS Applications
Apple Health
Athlete Management

Setting Milestones in Health and Fitness - Gamifying High Athletic Performance

Kinduct is a mobile-first platform designed for professional athlete performance and injury tracking. With a primary focus on data security, cloud storage optimization, and customizable data analysis.

Kinduct is the first athlete management platform to be completely integrated with health and wellness milestones based on user data, making it a unique end-to-end solution in the health and fitness industries with endless scalability.

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Augmented Reality
Mobile Apps
Web Applications

Pushing the Boundaries in Athlete Management with Augmented Reality

Wellnify (previously The Program) is a technology company that specializes in creating AI-driven solutions aimed at improving mental health and wellness. Their platform leverages artificial intelligence to provide personalized recommendations and interventions to support individuals' mental well-being.

For their initial prototype, Wellnify wanted to implement an Augmented Reality (AR) enabled iOS mobile application, administrator web app and fully-featured back end. This prototype would leverage Apple ML and AR to monitor athlete workouts to make improve form and automatically track reps.

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Hi Neo

HIPAA Compliance
Mobile Apps
EMR Management

Empowering Users with a Mobile App to Take Control of their Medical Records

Hi Neo is a startup focused on providing users with price transparency and medical records management all in a convenient web and mobile application.

Hi Neo was looking to create their first EMR management prototype as both an iOS app as well as a web application. Apple Health integration, along with a HIPAA compliant backend system that could integrate with Insurance providers and Payers was required.

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College Recruiter

Cloud Infrastructure

Improving Employer Location Accuracy with Advanced Geocoding

College Recruiter is a leading niche job board for college students and recent graduates, connecting them with internships, part-time employment, seasonal work, and entry-level career opportunities. The platform has evolved from offering campus maps and employment magazines to a comprehensive online job board focusing on early career opportunities.

College Recruiter wished to improve their geocoding capability to provide better accuracy for their job postings so students could more easily locate jobs in their region of interest. This involved augmenting their cloud services to provide a high throughput geocoding service that could generate results even when address data was incorrect or incomplete.

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Cloud Infrastructure

Revolutionizing Manufacturing: IoT Devices for Enhanced Line Tracking

LiveTracking provides manufacturers the ability to track their manufacturing lines inputs and outputs using a swarm of sensor-carrying IoT devices. These devices feed data back into a comprehensive web platform that delivers reporting and critical KPI data to the manufacturers stakeholders.

In an effort to provide a more robust experience to their customers, LiveTracking looked to enhance their IoT tracking capability as well as upgrade their cloud environment with improved CI/CD pipelines and server infrastructure.

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Quickbooks Integration
Web Applications

Automated Bitcoin Payroll Solution for Businesses

Moneta is a payroll and invoicing platform built by Proteus and designed to allow businesses to pay their employees and issue invoices in bitcoin.

Quickbooks integration as well as a sophisticated currency conversion using exchanges delivers a robust platform that brings businesses into the Bitcoin world while keeping their day to day operations unchanged.

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